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Brexit Preparation/Readiness Statement – November 2018

Posted on 12th Jan 2019 @ 1:20 PM

Brexit Preparation/Readiness Statement – November 2018

Brexit has brought with it an uncertainty within the business world and has led to fears and concerns surrounding availability and continuity of the supply chain, as well as pricing fluctuations, labour shortages, extended custom/border waiting times etc.

Paper Loop Consumables Limited, remain in a strong position to cope with changes that a deal or no deal outcome could have in the business world, simply because we are supported by a wide-ranging network for all our products, this network is also working hard on our behalf to try to lesson any impact the result could have. 

During 2017/2018 we have seen many significant changes, more so than any other year that I can recall in all the time I have been in this industry.  We have seen price increases, partly due to the euro vs the pound etc. partly due to the Leuco Dye factory enforced shut down, partly due to the mills restricting paper availability, and yes partly due to the fears of Brexit uncertainty.

Throughout this period, we have worked hard to lesson this impact on our clients and taken steps to ensure we have continued to supply a quality product, despite the volatility of today’s market.

Since the Brexit vote, we have been taking steps to increase our stock holding, up to 50% and will continue to do so throughout 2018/2019, this will allow us to manage longer lead times of products if this becomes a factor, we have invested further on the raw materials ready for converting, we have taken on new revenues of supply which have been tested, approved and are now part of our supply chain.  All of this is being funded as we go along so we do not have any debts which could make any company vulnerable.

We are constantly working to ensure both our workforce, the network, and supply chain continue to develop their own specific skills and knowledge, ensuring Paper Loop is in a position to ensure their clients are getting the best possible customer service, along with a quality/approved product.

We are not able to control market prices however, we can and will try to mitigate some exchange rate changes by buying products/materials in euros.  We always strive to avoid/lessen cost increases for our customers by offering alternatives, absorbing some increases, improvements on purchasing, this has been a challenge throughout 2017/2018 as you may be aware, and could continue to be the case, but we will look to remain competitive to others and will listen to our customers needs and where ever possible outperform our competitors with the best suited/top quality product for our clients.

Ultimately, we can help each other, as we commit to do our best by our clients, you can help us by providing us the correct specific information we need to ensure we can offer you the best possible product suitable for your needs.  If you have a more specific Brexit concern that you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact your account manager so we can deal with your concerns, alternatively prepare yourself by ordering further stocks to tide you over this period.

Kind Regards – Heather Fletcher and Gerry Poole – Directors of PLC Ltd.